Machine Learning is used to create a personalized experience.

Image Recognition ● Voice Recognition ● Recommendations

Companies today face more uncertainty than ever before. But with uncertainty comes opportunity. Traditional approaches analyze the past to predict the future. These companies are facing the wrong way.

Disruptive change is accelerating

By 2025 we will create 180 trillion GB data per day.

1 trillion GB is about 250 billion DVDs.πŸŽ¬πŸ’Ώ

The intelligence gap is the difference between amount of data created and our human capacity to analyse and understanding.

Every 2 years the amount of data created like πŸ–Ό images, πŸ“Ό video, 🎼 audio or text doubles. Currently only 0.5% of all accessible data is analyzed. Imagine the potential here.

ML will be essential to turning all data into insight

All these brands use a chatbot with AI-enabled interactions to engaging with customers.

ML πŸ€–feedback loop to perfecting prediction

  • 1. A Better Experience

    Helps to Acquire More Users

  • 2. More Users

    Results In Even More data

  • 3. More Data

    Creates An Even Better Prediction

Stanford researchers trained an ML on 112,000 X-rays

to beat radiologists at the pneumonia game with image recognition.

ML πŸ€– feedback loop in Image Recognition

  • 1. Better accurate X-ray Diagnose

    Will lead to more Docters using ML

  • 2. More Docters using ML

    Results In Even More X-Ray Image Data

  • 3. More X-Ray Image Data

    Helps to get more accurate X-ray Diagnose

Google Voice Search perform 708.480.000 search queries

per day by using speech recognition.

ML πŸ€– feedback loop in πŸ—£ speech recognition

  • 1. Better Speech Recognition

    Helps to get More Voice Search Users

  • 2. More Users of Voice Search

    Results In Even More Speech Recognition data

  • 3. More Speech Data

    Helps To Build An Even Better Voice Search

Youtube curates 432.000 hours of new video every day.

by intelligent automation of an ML recommendation engines

ML πŸ€– feedback loop in Video Recommendations

  • 1. Better Next Video Recommendations

    Helps Youtube to get More Videos Watched

  • 2. More Users of Youtube

    Results In Even More Video Recommendation Data

  • 3. More Recommendation Video Data

    Helps To Build An Even Better Youtube Product

Tesla develops an autonomous car

with the ability to process 4 terrabytes data per day to enable a self-driving vehicle. .

Unleashed from the realm of science fiction.

ML represents a technological revolution like no other.

By 2030 ML is expected to be a $15.7 trillion game changer

The future is here it's just not evenly distributed.

Prediction is the underlying mechanism of ML. Predictions are now operating at a 70% accuracy. When prediction accuracy increases to a certain level complete new business models will unlock. Amazon will start to ship πŸ“¦to your 🏠 when they are 90% confident what product you want to purchase next.

Just as 100 years ago electricity transformed industry after industry AI will now do the same.

Andrew Yan-Tak Ng, co-founder Google Brain, former VP & Chief Scientist at Baidu, professor in Computer Science at Stanford Universit


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