Machine learning is like high school sex.

Everyone talks about it, Only some really know how to do it.

Everyone talks about Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Lawmakers are taking notice in US Congress, and the UK's parliament. Mentions of machine learning have spiked to 385 combined. The most attended AI conferences have experienced growth in attendance since 2012. NeurIPS and ICML are growing at the fastest rate β€” 4.8x and 6.8x their 2012 attendance, respectively.

Everyone wants to do Machine Learning

The graph shows the relative growth of job openings by AI skill required. While ML is the largest skill cited as a requirement, deep learning is growing at the fastest rate of34x.

Everyone wants to learn machine learning

In 2017 introductory AI enrollment was 3.6x that of 2012, while 2017 introductory ML course enrollment was 5x that of 2012. UC Berkeley's 2017 introductory ML course has 6.8x as many students as it had in 2012.

Everyone thinks everyone else is doing machine learning

On GitHub a developer-collaboration website stars reflect the popularity of ML under the developer community. Anyone with a GitHub account is be able to use code from machine learning frameworks. Two trends on github are the growing popularity of frameworks backed by major companies (i.e.,Tensorflow (Google), Pytorch (Facebook), mxnet (Amazon)). And the significant popularity of TensorFlow relative to other frameworks.

Everyone publishes they are doing machine learning.

The graph below shows growth in annual publishing rates of academic papers, relative to their rates in 1996. The graph compares the growth of papers across All fields, Computer Science (CS), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The second graph show the in growth of AI patents, by inventor region.

So Everyone pretends & say they are doing machine learning.

The first graph below shows AI and ML mentions in company earnings calls for tech companies. The second graph shows AI mentions n company earnings calls by industries other than IT.

Only some really know how to do apply machine learning. Google acquired 13 machine learning startups since 2012, more than any other company.

People are spending way too much time thinking about climate change, way too little thinking about AI.

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